Search Engine Ready Websites

Basic template based website packages
from as little as £350.00


Automated Websites

Import and sync from acquaint property
management or any XML data


Responsive Websites

Let your customers see your
business on all devices


Website Security

We can provide a secure place to host your website
from as little as £149.00 per annum


Online Shopping

Sell online and manage stock centrally


Full Website Maintenance

Changing content is paramount
to a successful website

Website search engine optimisation

If your website isn’t working in search engines

your web site’s not working for you


We approach SEO by focusing initially on your website’s structure and its content.

We create a strategy to match your websites core content to the search behaviour and interest of your defined target audience.

In the long term we build up program of structured changes that will positively increase your search engine positioning over a period of months.

Short term results can be achieved quickly using other measures to place your site in front of your clients until the permanent measures we implement kick in.

We work with you transparently so you understand what we are doing all the time. We take a view that you know your business better than us and ideally if we can show you how to effectively carry out your own SEO, you can take over without continually paying us.

SEO is not magic or trickery, its common sense relevant good quality content about you and your business activities. We may have ways of better displaying that content but your Content is King.

If your already having SEO work carried out and you’re not convinced that what’s being done is correct give us a call and we will point you in the right direction.

For free help and advice,
or to discuss your website needs call us on 01226 661075